What is a Celebration of Life?

Here at Abner, we celebrate birthdays in a special way. We call it the Celebration of Life. Where a typical classroom birthday party is just a song and treats, the Celebration of Life focuses on how far a child has come. This is an event for the entire class. Parents and family are welcome to join and participate.

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How does it work?

The Celebration of Life starts with gathering the class and sitting in a circle. From there a sun place mat is put in the middle of the ring with a lit candle on top. Paper with the months of the year is put around the sun. The Story of the Child is read. During the story at set moments, the children will sing a short song while the child walks around the sun and a candle is lit each time. The celebration ends with the class singing happy birthday and the child blowing out the candles.

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The Celebration of Life Script is a fillable outline that you and your child can complete together. This script is then read during your child's Celebration of Life.

What is the Story of the Child?

The Story of the Child is all about how the child has grown and changed over the years. We have linked a basic outline that can be filled out to create your child’s personal story. The story is separated into parts, with each part focusing on one year of the child’s life starting from birth to present day. These elements can include what they ate, what they could do, what their favorite toys were at that age and more.

An important part of the story is pictures of the child to show the class how much they have changed. We recommend one picture for each year.

We encourage parents to work with the child to fill out the story to make it unique for them. You may add or change the story as you see fit.

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How can I participate?

One of the important roles of the Celebration of Life is reading the Story of the Child. While this story is being read a photo of the child at that age is shown to the class. We encourage parents to participate by either reading the Story of the Child to the class or showing the class the photos.

Your child's teacher will place frames for the photos in your child's mailbox a in the days before the Celebration of Life.

If you or a loved one is unable to participate, your child’s teacher will read the story. Please provide us with the pictures placed in the frames provided and a completed script ahead of time if you are unable to make it.

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What else do I need to know?

You are welcome to bring a snack for the class to share to celebrate your child’s birthday. However, please understand the snack will be served in the circle on the carpet. We ask that you keep the snack healthy, easy to pass out and eat. Please, no cake, cupcakes or snacks with high sugar content.

Some suggestions are:
Gold fish
Fruit Snacks