October is Cultural Month

October is Cultural Month at Abner Montessori School. Every October, our classrooms take time to explore cultures worldwide. Students learn about different foods, customs, holidays, and more. 

We encourage students to put together a presentation from one of the world's seven continents. This World Culture presentation can include pictures, information, objects, or even music that best illustrates a culture from the continent. There are many ways to present information about a country and culture. Be creative! Read a story, bring in an expert, make food, and talk about traditions - the choice is yours! 

If you would like to participate in this cultural celebration by bringing a snack or presenting information from a continent, please check with your child's teacher to schedule a time.   

Some basic presentation suggestions are listed below. 

*Foam board or poster board with pictures from the continent mounted. Photos could include shelter, dress, food, inhabitants, and climate. 

*A short speech by the child and/or parent to the class. 

*The primary class presentations are limited to 10 minutes. 

*Elementary class presentations should not be longer than 20 minutes. 

*Dress in native clothing (optional) 

*Younger children may participate in presentations with parental assistance. 

*Presentation dates are October 17-31.