Exciting Adventures at Abner Montessori School and Sky After School's Summer Program continued this week as we learned about the Amazon Rainforest! 

Our young adventurers explored the world of the Amazon Rainforest by engaging in creative crafts, special reading, and informative video presentations. We also enjoyed outdoor play, the wonders of gardening, and celebrating Father's Day by crafting heartfelt gifts. 

Our journey began with a captivating exploration of the Amazon Rainforest. The students discovered the diverse wildlife, lush rainforests, and incredible cultures that thrive along this magnificent river. They learned about unique species like jaguars, pink river dolphins, and macaws. Fascinating facts about the Amazon's immense size, biodiversity, and vital role in maintaining the balance of our planet left our young learners in awe. 

In addition to their newfound knowledge, our creative minds had a blast during craft time. The children indulged their artistic sides, using colorful materials to create their rainforest-inspired artwork. From vibrant parrots and exotic flowers to whimsical snakes swinging from trees, their creations truly captured the spirit of the Amazon. 

Of course, summer wouldn't be complete without outdoor playtime! Our students enjoyed cool mornings and sunny afternoons, playing various games and climbing on the jungle gym. Some played team sports such as flag football and baseball, while others engaged in imaginative play, building friendships and developing their physical abilities. 

The young gardeners among us also had the opportunity to put their green thumbs to work. They got their hands dirty as they weeded the garden, watered the plants, and enjoyed some of our flourishing lettuce. Our students are developing an appreciation for nature's beauty. 

As the week drew to a close, the children poured their hearts into creating personalized Father's Day gifts, carefully crafting cards, keychains, and other meaningful mementos. Each item was a reflection of their love and gratitude, showcasing the creativity and thoughtfulness that our students possess. 

Our summer program has been filled with enriching experiences, new friendships, and plenty of smiles. As we explore the Sahara Desert this week, we anticipate more opportunities for growth, discovery, and fun. Stay tuned for updates on the exciting happenings at Abner Montessori School and Sky After School's summer program!