This is turning out to be an exceptional start to a highly anticipated school year. I found myself having to pause and think about the fact that the primary class has only been together for two weeks. After two weeks of class, the primary room is looking great! 

Students are learning to respect their role in the environment by caring for the materials and keeping things organized. One of the hallmarks of our environment is the amount of material available for students to use. In order to provide this material, we rely on our students to help maintain the environment and work together as a learning community. 

Observing our students gaining independence, focus, concentration, and understanding our classroom expectations is exciting. This process is commonly called normalization and occurs during the first several weeks of class. The fact normalization is happening so smoothly is a testimony to the experience and hard work of the teachers.


It has been wonderful to begin the year in our own unique space. The elementary students have picked up where we left off last school year. Having Ms. Dawn in our class gives the children a daily opportunity for individual reading practice and instruction. Mrs. Lynn comes in every Tuesday and Thursday for reading groups that help build comprehension through group discussion. In journal writing, we encourage students to use adjectives and adverbs to make their sentences more descriptive. We will add spelling to our work plans this week. All levels of math are practiced through daily warm-up sheets and our hands-on math material. 

Stay tuned for updates to the Creative Space! The children are already enjoying Legos, stop motion, weaving, and learning to play chess.