Primary students continue to become more comfortable and independent in the classroom.  I observed lunch and was very impressed with how the children handled the process.  Lunch is a very special time for our students.  They get to exercise their independence and freedom but also carry more responsibility.  It is impressive to watch 3-6-year-old children use real glass plates and cups, set the table, dip their food, and clean up after eating with very little adult assistance.   


We were excited to see several butterflies exit the chrysalis stage.  They flew around the room and made their way to the backdoor, where they entered the great outdoors.  The children have enjoyed watching each stage of the lifecycle. 

Elementary Events and Trips: 

  • We began practicing for our newscast.  The children are excited to bring you the news live.  We hope to have our first live news event Friday, September 9th. 
  • We will start visiting the library on Wednesday, September 14th.  We will leave the school around 1:45 and return around 2:30. 
  • Billy Dreher Island field trip Monday, September 19th.  This will be a hiking trip.  Children will make and pack their lunch in class.  We will leave the school around 9:00 and return around 1:30.