Happy Labor Day! 

Just a reminder that Abner Montessori and Sky Afterschool are closed on Monday, September 5th. We look forward to classes again on Tuesday. 


Welcome to Mrs. Jessica and Mrs. Amanda, who come in several days a week to read with our primary students. We recognize the importance of providing emerging readers with the opportunity for one-on-one reading practice. Our kindergarten students will have priority with our reading instructors. As the year progresses, we will incorporate additional students. 

Mrs. Cho also demonstrated the 45 Layout for some of our students. This activity introduces place value and number sequencing up to 9999. From here, the students will begin to compose four-digit numbers and then add them together. This process is done hands-on with concrete material that helps the child move to and understand the abstract.   


The progress we see in reading, writing, and math is exciting! The children have worked diligently this week, completing the tasks on their work plans. Incorporating a weekly spelling list has been a success, and Mr. Roger introduced us to test-tube division in math. Test-tube division allows the student to concretely work on division problems with divisors up to 4 digits and dividends into the millions.

Our "Creative Space" room is taking shape. This space will provide activities for our students in music, art, sewing, robotics, electronics, video production, and animation. Take a peek on Tuesday morning to see the new arrangement and watch for further reports on the expanding area. 

Please check out the student stage area. Elementary students will have a "pen name" they will use to post content on the website. See the first post here by "Rose" telling us about our butterflies. Also available on the website is our recently recorded newscast. We are looking forward to a live zoom newscast on September 9th. 

We have so many exciting opportunities for your child to learn and grow!