Our goal by using the “Montessori Method,” is to nurture your child’s intelligence, self-confidence, personal creativity, independence and help them develop a life-long love of learning.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori was born in 1870 and became one of the first females to receive a medical degree in Italy. She was a dedicated student and, on July 10, 1896, became one of the first female doctors in Italy. After graduation, she became an assistant doctor in a mental health clinic. Maria Montessori developed learning materials and activities through her scientific observations, which helped her mentally handicapped children develop independence, focus and concentration, and learn academically. She gained recognition when her mentally disabled children scored as well as typical children attending state-run public schools. This achievement led her to wonder how this method of education would benefit children without mental disabilities.

Today Montessori Education is the world's largest pedagogy for the education of children. Montessori programs can be found on all of the world's inhabited continents. Some of the most influential people in the world had the privilege of a Montessori Education.

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